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HairBrush, Paddle Hair Brush, Scalp Massage Hair Brush, Barber Hair Styling Tool For Quick Drying And Styling PINK GREEN

About this item

  1. 【SOFT AND DURABLE】 This hair brush is made of ABS silicone material to ensure the durability of the brush. Highly elastic and soft tooth comb, enjoy the head spa and bring comfort to the scalp and hair, making hair look silky smooth Above all shiny and healthy.
  2. 【Facilitate ventilation】This brush for ventilated curly hair with hollow design on the back part facilitates ventilation when blowing hair, absorbs excess moisture, dries hair quickly, dissipates heat, Therefore works with hair dryer to reduce damage to hair, you can use this hair brush in the shower to clean your scalp and do scalp massage spa.
  3. 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】This Skeleton hair brush flexible teeth, curved shape, ultra-light and perfectly shaped paddle brush fits perfectly on your scalp,
  4. easily glides through any type of hair without pulling or causing hair Breakage.
  5. 【For all types of hair】 This women's brush for wet or dry hair removes every knot and tangle with ease. 
  6. It can be use for straight hair, curly hair, natural hair, thin hair, thick hair,
  7. weird hair, curly hair, frizzy hair, dyed hair, hair extensions, wigs, and even pets like it.
  8. 【After-sales service】However We will provide you with excellent after-sales service, if you have any problems with the products you received, you can contact us at any time, and we will also reply to your queries within 24 hours!

Product information

In conclusion This hair brush is used for wet or dry hair and can easily remove every knot and tangle. In addition It can be use for straight hair, curly hair, natural hair, thin hair, thick hair, weird hair, curly hair, frizzy hair, dyed hair, hair extensions, wigs, and even pets love it.

Structure design: this hair brush curved comb surface, fit to the scalp, massage more comfortable.

We will provide you with excellent after-sales service, if you receive any problems with the product, you can contact us at any time, we will also respond to your questions within 24 hours.


The Benefits of Blow Detangling Hair Brushes

1. Efficient Detangling

For instance it is designed for blow detangling have especially designed bristles that paintings successfully to detangle your hair whilst you blow dry. 

2. Minimized Hair Damage

using a ordinary brush or comb to detangle moist hair can cause breakage and damage.

In addition blow detangling hairbrushes are designed to be mild on moist hair, reduce the threat of hair breakage. This allows you to obtain clean and bright hair without compromising its fitness.

3. Faster Blow Drying

The precise layout of blow detangling hairbrushes permits better airflow in the course of the blow drying manner. The open spaces between the bristles permit the hot air to reach every strand of hair, notably decreasing drying time. After that Say goodbye to prolonged blow drying classes and hi there to extra time in your day!

4. Frizz Control

Above all detangling hair brushes help fight frizz by frivolously distributing the heat out of your blow dryer and smoothing the hair cuticles. This consequences in glossy and frizz-unfastened hair that lasts longer.

How to Choose the Right Blow Detangling Hair Brushes

choosing a Blow Detangling Hair Brushes  , consider the subsequent factors:

1. Bristle Type

Look for a broom with mild and flexible bristles to prevent hair breakage. For instance Nylon or boar bristles are usually observed in blow detangling brushes, offering an awesome stability among detangling effectiveness and hair protection.

2. Brush Shape

Therefore the brush with a extensive surface place and an ergonomic take care of for comfortable grip and extra manage. This will make your blow drying experience greater enjoyable and much less tiring.

3. Heat Resistance

Ensure that the comb is heat resistant, specially if you blow dry your hair the usage of high heat settings. In addition it can prevent the comb from melting or getting damage because of the warmth.

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Berneice McClure

Very fast delivery, the quality is super, I bought 6 PCs already

Julia Barton

Fast shipping the everything באכות top❤️🥰

Albertha Hegmann

fantastic hair brush, very soft bristles, it doesn't hurt to comb even very tangled hair. I can only say good things about Mr. Green production. I also use nail clippers, tweezers, cuticle pusher and now I bought a second hair comb. very good quality. recommend.

Alexys Yost

Looks good, will give additional feedback after few days of using.

Kay Berge

For hair, yak in money Bula

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