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Hair Detangler Brush Natural Wet Detangling Brush for Curly Hair.

About this item

  • Prevent hair damage from Overheating: this curved blow dry brush has 8 rows of separate brushes with detachable supports. You can adjust the distance between the Bristles with a bracket offered.
  • Special Design: Flexible head with separate Bristles , easily detangle curly, wavy, coily, or normal hair without demage.
  • Main Applicable Objects: People who has hair such as curly, wavy, thick, long hair or natural hair.

Product details

This Hair Detangler Brush is durable and helps improve blood circulation. In addition Those Hair detangler brushes are designed with non-slip and comfortable rubber grips. it makes your hair look soft and shiny.

This Hair Detangler Brush allows easy combing and is best used when the hair is tight, when applying a deep wash conditioner or moisturizing oil seal. The flexible brush head can bend and bounce back to minimize discomfort and pain caused by pulling, pulling, pulling, tearing or tearing hair. It solves knots, smooths hair, helps determine your hairstyle, and is easy to clean after use.

Key Features

  1. The Octopus Detangling Hair Brush gives numerous key functions that set it other than other hair brushes.
  2. Flexible Head : The brush's bendy head allows it to conform to the form of your scalp, offering a snug brushing revel in.
  3.  Separate Bristles : The separate Bristles lessen tension while combing, minimizing the danger of hair breakage and harm.
  4.  Vented Design : The vents on the comb allow air to go with the flow via, lowering drying time and making the blow drying technique extra efficient.
  5. Above all The brush is suitable for all hair types, along with curly, kinky, wavy, and immediately hair.

Benefits of Using the Octopus Detangling Hair Brush

Using the Octopus Detangling Hair Brush offers numerous blessings, inclusive of:

1. Pain-Free Detangling : The brush's separate Bristles and flexible head lessen tension, making Detangling a ache-free revel in.
2. Reduced Hair Breakage : The mild brushing movement minimizes the threat of hair breakage, preserving your hair healthy and robust.
3. Efficient Blow-Drying The vented design allows air to waft via, lowering drying time and making the blow-drying system more green.
4. Above all, Suitable for All Hair Types : The brush is suitable for all hair kinds, making it a versatile device for each person.


Customer Reviews

Based on 410 reviews
Jalen Zemlak

Love this comb. Just as advertised: grate at de-tangled , less hair breakage and best of all less pain.

Burley Altenwerth

OMG! This is my favorite find on Aliexpress! I want to get a couple more to have one upstairs and downstairs and an extra one too. LOVE LIVE LOVE IT. I have king thick curly hair and it is always a painful and hair pulling thing to actually run a brush through my hair.

Michele Bauch

A good product

Lonie Bogisich

Identical perfect

Keeley Herzog

Arrived right, just a day after the deadline...

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